Československý florbalový pohár




Czechoslovak Floorball Cup

Date: 5.7.2019 - 7.7.2019 (Friday - Sunday)


HARVARD Partizánske Sport Club with the support of the Partizánske town

men (6 teams)
women (4 teams)

Prize money: 500 € (men)


Teams can register via the on-line form at www.hrajflorbal.sk The registration is valid only after the registration fee has been paid. Total number of teams in the relevant category is limited. After completing the registration form, a confirmation email with the necessary information and payment details will be sent to the submitted e-mail address.

Judges: Matches will be overseen by licensed referees.

Game Time:

2x15 min., the last three minutes – effective (stop) time. Intermission between the half-times is 3 minutes. Each team is allowed one timeout of 30 seconds


Partizánske City Sports Hall, Februárová ul. no. 1082/11

Rink dimensions: 40 x 20 m

Number of players: 5 + 1

Surface: parquet

Tournament schedule:

The schedule of the tournament will be published at the tournament website before the start.


The best three teams in each category will be rewarded with cups, medals and diplomas. The winner also gets the main cash prize of 500 € (men). Individual prizes will be awarded to the best goalie, the best shooter and the best player of the tournament (both man and woman category).

Pre-match preparation:

Warm-up before the match will take place primarily outside the playing area and in the nearby premises of the sports hall. The time before the start of the match can be used by the teams for a short break-in of goalkeepers directly on the playing area.

Changing rooms:

Due to the limited number of changing rooms, the changing rooms in the halls will be used  only temporarily for the pre-match preparation so they will be available for another team. It is therefore recommended to bring your personal belongings with you. The organizer is not responsible for any personal loss during the entire tournament.

Player Insurance:

The players participate at the tournament at their own responsibility and danger. The organizer is not responsible for any injury that occurs during the tournament. Throughout the entire tournament, a health service will be available in the sports hall.

The organiser reserves the right to changes.

5.7. - 7.7. 2019

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