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What you said about us

After the tournament, we asked the teams to fill out a form to help us improve the quality of the tournament. At the end of the form there was a chance for a short tournament review. So what did the teams that participated in our tournament have said about us? We publish a complete list without any corrections.


  • We can not complain, just praise. The organization was super and the organizers were very kind. I would like to thank once again for the invitation and in the next year we will try to come again.


  • Tournament organized with high quality.


  • Small town, big vision :)


  • You should invite our team from switzerland again :)


  • Great tournament! The organizers have really tried to make the players satisfy. Smiles were given on all sides and tried to achieve a high level. Thanks, we were very happy and we would like to join next year too. :)


  • In my oppinion was this tournament worldclass from the hospitality. I was really happy with this and looking forward for next year.

Vydal: FBK Harvard, 19. 03. 2018
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